Time Tracking and integrations

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Time Tracking nowadays is winning more and more attention. It is getting more popular in companies and for freelancers. People are more conscious of importance of time and its value. Because of that, they reach for solutions which help to manage their time better.

First method of time tracking is very easy but also imprecise – its about using a piece of paper and a pen. But let’s be honest – in the times of huge growth of technology, people prefer more technological ways to track time – by technological I mean time tracking software (https://intive.com/en/industries). This kind of software can be installed on your computer, smartphone or used from your internet browser.

Sounds as perfect alternative!

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In this kind of softwares, users can record time spent on tasks directly to timesheets and then generate reports of their activities. This reports can give an excellent overall look on productivity of company’s employees or just of a single person. Many softwares of this kind offer features like: time and attendance, scheduling, absence management, human resources, payroll, project management, generating reports.

One of the softwares which offer this kind of features is TimeCamp – an online time tracking and invoicing software, which records every minute spent on the specific assignment. It also allows to generate accurate reports and automatically bill clients for the work done.

Time tracking software – zobacz ofertę – can be integrated with many kinds of other softwares and systems – software can be integrated into accounting system, into billing system which is usually used by lawyers, into project management system, into payroll system, with MS-Outlook. With such big variety of options, time tracking software like TimeCamp places itself as one of the most important tool in every office.